Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smoke -

Ok so my new thing now is smoke – no not stogies – smoke on the grill – No Longer is this an optional ingredient – it is 100% mandatory on my grill – I was telling a few buds here how to use it even in an Urban environment like Astoria Queens. Makes a total difference in your grilling.

So, go to home depot and get some wood chips. Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry – whatever they have willed work just fine …manufacturers instruction is soak the chips for about 30 minutes, I like to soak for as long as over night – I recommend, if you are planning on grilling tonight, when you wake up in the morning or go to bed the night before – soak the wood chips in a bowl of water.

Grilling: put all your burners on high (most borough dudes, will have about 2 or 3 burners blast them and get that thing scorching hot! – like so hot that the fuckin’ grill grates look like they’r gonna burst or like your walking on the sun).

In the meantime drain out the wood chips and set aside - take some heavy duty aluminum foil (don’t skimp out get the heavy duty kind) and make like a bowl then add the wood chips (about a little more than a hand full) add into the foil and close the bowl making sort of a tee-pee shape – leave a small exit hole on top – this is for the smoke to come out

Take your tee-pee with the wood chips inside – and place them in the scorching super duper hot grill – put it on the hottest part of your grill – you know the spot Im talking about and close your grill lid



Wait until that grill is smoking, im talking about real smoke tons of smoke – like as if you were in an Astoria Coffee shop in the 90’s type smoke - it should be pouring out like a mother fucker –

What next? Turn off a burner or:

If your grill has 3 burners turn off 2 burners and leave tee-pee on the burner which is on HIGH
If your grill has 2 burners turn off 1 burner and leave the tee-pee on the burner which is on HIGH

Place your meat, chicken or fish on the burner side which is OFF – and close the grill – let the smoke infuse your meat chicken or fish for about 5-10 minutes – after that open up your grill you should have a nice layer of flavor on your meat chicken or fish – move the tee-pee off to the side, (it can still continue to smoke for the remainder of your cooking process) and cook your stuff as you normally would – just cut your cooking time down by about 2- 3 minutes because of the initial cook time we introduced.

Im telling you – after you introduce a little bit of smoke to your grilling you will realize that wood chips and smoke are no longer an optional ingredient

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